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Your Money, Your Planner

WPS Financial Group and our experienced financial planners specialise in providing tailored financial plans and financial advice aimed to guide and accelerate Australians towards their financial objectives. These often include wealth creation and providing for their retirement. Our financial advisors can help you with financial planning strategies and personal financial planning advice.

For over a decade, the WPS group of companies have collectively helped thousands of Australians work towards their chosen life goals by getting their financial circumstances in order. Our comprehensive financial planning services ensures our clients have the peace-of-mind of controlling their current financial position and confidence in what their future will encompass.

About Us

WPS Financial Group has branches across Australia and has the capacity to provide a holistic approach to financial planning, putting our clients on track to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals…more


“We have greatly appreciated the time, effort and support that you have given, in guiding us in making some very important decisions around our financial future. As you know, this has been a momentous decision for us, but one we believe we were ready to make with the right guidance and assurances, and of course trust that we were getting the right advice…” more

Virginia and Gordon McDonald, FIG TREE POCKET, QLD

The financial planners Australia chooses

WPS understands the need for personal financial planning. From Adelaide to Sydney and all other cities, we listen to your requirements; tailor suitable financial advice and then work towards helping you implement our financial planning services in a non-invasive, streamlined and efficient manner. Read More About Financial Risk Management

Our Financial Planners Can Advise You About:

  1. Superannuation and Retirement
  2. Asset Class Investment For Wealth Acquisition
  3. Investing In Stocks and Shares
  4. Investing In Gold & Gold Stocks
  5. Investing In Bitcoin
  6. Investing in Real Estate (& auction bidding services)
  7. Pre purchase Building & Pest Inspections for Real Estate Investments

We aim to provide a safe and successful financial environment to help build security and safety for you and your family.